Long Lake Improvement District


Article 1: Establishment

Section 1. Established under Minnesota Statute 103B.535 by Isanti County Board of Commissioners and Adopted on September 7, 2005, and as amended on July 16, 2008 and July 17, 2019.

Article 2. Name of District

The name of this organization is: Long Lake Improvement District, (Isanti County)

Article 3. Definition of the Long Lake Improvement District, (Isanti County)

The Long Lake Improvement District (LLID) is a non profit organization subject to applicable county, state and federal laws.

Article 4. Purpose Mission Statement

The LLID Mission is to serve as a steward of our community to protect and improve the quality of Long Lake. We will work cooperatively with the Long Lake Improvement Association and County and State Agencies to continuously refine our goals and develop annual work plans to meet these goals. We will oversee funds collected and expensed to accomplish this mission.


  • To eliminate the infestation of Curley Leaf Pondweed and other invasive aquatic species.
  • To prevent the introduction of invasive species into the lake.
  • To improve natural aquatic vegetation.
  • To improve the overall water quality.
  • To control the lake level by maintaining the dam at the outlet at the Southwest corner of the lake. • To improve fisheries.

Article 5. Membership

Section 1 Membership Qualification.
Owners of properties abutting Long Lake in Stanford and Bradford Townships, Isanti County, Minnesota.

Section 2. Voting Rights
Each Member is entitled to one vote at the annual District meeting or at any special District meeting. Members owning multiple properties in the district are limited to one vote.

Section 3. Votes
Votes at all Membership meetings shall be cast in person except as noted in Article 7 Section 3.

Section 4. Transfer of Membership
When a parcel of land is sold, membership shall transfer from the old owners to the new owners. When a parcel is sold on contract for deed, Membership shall transfer from the contract seller to the contract purchaser. When a parcel is leased, Membership shall not transfer from the landlord to the tenant.

Article 6. Funding

Section 1 Taxes, Assessments, and Fees

The following source may be used to fund the LLID activities:

     a. By the levying of an ad valorum property tax solely on property within the District. No establishment or increase in the ad valorum property tax will be allowed if it affects the county subject to stateimposed levy limits. Members owning multiple properties in the district will be taxed only on a single property.

     b. By assessment of costs of projects upon the benefited property within the District in the manner provided under Minnesota Statutes Chapter 429.

     c. By imposition of service charges within the District in the manner provided under Minnesota Statutes Chapter 428A.05.

Section 2 Grants

The LLID shall apply for any Grants available at the Township, County, and State levels, including the DNR.

Article 7. Board of Directors

Section 1. Board of Directors
The Board shall be comprised of 7 Directors. Directors shall be elected at the Annual District meeting in July of each year. Directors are elected at large representing the whole district. A slate of nominees shall be prepared by the Board one month prior to the Annual District Meeting.

Section 2. Terms
Directors shall be elected to serve three year terms. The terms for the seven Directors shall be offset such that three, then two, then two Directors are elected each year on a three year rotating basis. An annual term year shall be from Annual Meeting to Annual Meeting. It is preferred no Director serve more than two successive complete terms.

Section 3. Election of Directors
Nominees shall be elected by majority vote of the Members present at the Annual Meeting. Property owners not present at the Annual Meeting may participate by absentee ballot. Election shall be by secret ballot.

Section 4. Vacancies
Vacancies in the Board of Directors may be filled by a majority vote of the remaining Directors, subject to approval by a majority vote at the next Annual District Meeting as outlined in Article 7 section 3. A Director elected to fill a vacancy shall serve the unexpired term.

Section 5. Removal of Directors
Directors may be removed by two thirds vote of the remaining Directors, or by a majority of the Members present at an annual meeting. The vacancy left by the removal of a Director shall be filled as defined in Article 7 Section 4.

Article 8: Board of Directors Officers

Section 1. Officers
All officers of the LLID shall be Directors.

Section 2. Officer Positions
The officers shall consist of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. These officers are the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may meet from time to time without notice to other Board members for planning purposes and to facilitate the activities of the Board.

Section 3. Election of Officers
Officers will be elected by the Board of Directors from among their numbers at the first board meeting following any Annual Meeting at which new Directors are elected. Election will be by secret ballot if more than one person is nominated for any office.

Section 4. Duties of Officers,

     a. The Chair shall preside over all District Board meetings and the Long Lake Improvement District (Isanti County) Annual Meeting.

     b. The Vice Chair shall preside in the absence of the Chair and perform duties normally associated with this office.

     c. The Secretary shall keep accurate records of all meetings of the Board of Directors, regularly submit minutes to the Board of Directors and perform other duties normally associated with this office.

     d. The Treasurer shall present a financial statement at each meeting and shall perform all other duties normally associated with this office. The treasurer shall approve all invoices for services previously approved by the Board of Directors and submit them for payment as noted in Article 14, Section 2. Annually the Treasurer will submit to the State Auditor a completed” Special District Financial Reporting Form”.

Article 9: Directors Meetings

Section 1. Meetings
Directors shall hold regular monthly meetings on the third Wednesday of the month (if this does not conflict with Holiday schedules).
Special meetings or Emergency meetings may be called by the Chair or Vice Chair as directed by the Chair, or by three members of the Board of Directors, as may from time to time be required to carry out the activities of the Board.
An Annual Meeting shall be held and is covered in Article 11.
All meetings shall be conducted in compliance with Minnesota Open Meeting Law.

Section 2. Notice of Meetings
All meeting notifications shall comply with the requirements of the Minnesota Open Meeting Laws.
Notification shall be sent to the Directors prior to the meetings either by mail or email.
For Regular Meetings the notification shall be at least ten days prior.
For Special Meetings the notification shall be at least 3 days prior.
For Emergency Meetings the notification will be dependent on the purpose of the meeting.
Notification for the Annual Meeting is covered in Article 11, section 2.

Section 3. Quorum
A majority of the Board of Directors duly serving shall constitute the necessary quorum for the transaction of business.

Article 10: Committees

Section 1. Appointments and Records
The Chair with the approval of a majority of the members of the Board of Directors at any regular or special meeting may create and appoint such additional committees as deemed necessary. The Chair of each committee, upon its organization, shall be designated by the appointing authority and each such committee or committee Chair shall report to the Board of Directors their committees’ progress. All Committee Chairmen are required to be Directors of the LLID.

Section 2. Funds
Should any committee require funds for purposes of its work, the committee shall make application to the Board of Directors in writing with a full statement of the funds required and the purpose for which the funds are to be expended. Upon request of the Board of Directors, the committee shall meet with the Board at any regular or special meeting thereafter to review the request and secure approval of same. No committee shall expend any funds without the approval of the Board of Directors. No LLID funds shall be disbursed prior to approval of the Board of Directors.

All funds secured by any committee shall be turned over to the Board of Directors.

Article 11: Annual Meeting of District

Section 1. Time
The Annual District Meeting shall be held on the third Wednesday of the month of July of each year unless changed by vote at the previous annual meeting.

Section 2. Notice
The annual meeting shall be preceded by a minimum of two weeks’ published notice in the newspaper chosen by the Isanti County Board of Commissioners for the County’s official notices and by written notice to be mailed at least ten days in advance of the meeting to the county board and township boards wholly or partially within the District, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Commissioner of Natural Resources; and if there is a proposed project by the District having a cost in excess of $5,000, thirty days written notice will be given to all Members.

Section 3. Agenda
At the annual meeting the District property owners present shall:

     a. Elect one or more Members to fill the vacancies in the Board of Directors;

     b. Approve a budget for the fiscal year;

     c. Approve or disapprove proposed projects by the District having a budgeted cost in excess of $5,000;

     d. Take up and consider other business that comes before them; and

     e. Approve taxes or assessments to satisfy budget requirements.

Section 4. Annual Report
The Board of Directors shall prepare and file an Annual Report containing the following:

     a. The financial condition of the District;

     b. The status of all projects within the District;

     c. The business transacted by the District;

     d. Other matters affecting the interest of the District; and

     e. Discussion of the Directors’ intentions for the succeeding years.
Copies of the report shall be transmitted to the county board, township boards, the Commissioner of Natural Resources and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency within four months after the Annual Meeting.

Article 12: Fiscal Year

The District fiscal year shall start January 1 and end December 31.

Article 13: Expenditure of District Funds

Section 1. Approval of Expenditures
All projects and expenditures must be submitted to the Board of Directors. All expenditures must be approved by a majority of the Directors.

Section 2 Fund Account
The District shall utilize the services of the Isanti County Auditor – Treasurer to maintain the fund account of the District. Services provided include depositing funds, distribution of funds as approved by the Board of Directors, and creation of monthly and annual financial reports.

Section 3. Projects in excess of $5,000
All projects with costs expected to exceed $5,000 must be approved by a majority vote of the Membership at the Districts’ annual meeting or a special meeting of the District. The proposed budget for these projects is an estimate. The Board of Directors may, at it’s discretion, authorize funding in excess of the budget amount, if it is in the best interest of the Members and / or the lake.

Article 14: Amendment of By-Laws
The By-Laws may be amended when such amendment has been approved by the majority of the Board of Directors and approved by majority vote of the Members at any annual or special meeting for which due notice has been given.

Article 15: Rules of Order
The rules contained in the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order (Revised) shall govern the convention in all cases to which they are applicable and which are not governed by the By-Laws of the District.
All Regular, Special, or Emergency Meetings shall be conducted under the Rules governing a Small Board Meeting.
The Annual Meeting shall be conducted under the Rules governing an Assembly.

Article 16: Address
The address of the District shall be P.O. Box 91, Isanti, MN, 55040.

Article 17: Release of Draft Documents
To facilitate the timely publication of draft meeting minutes the following procedure will be used:

     a. The Secretary shall draft Minutes and other documents as directed by the LLID Board during Board Meetings.

     b. The Secretary shall circulate draft documents to Board members by e-mail.

     c. Directors shall review the documents, then comment and/or approve each document by notifying the Secretary. If Four Directors approve, the Draft Document is Approved.

     d. Approved Draft documents can be released to the LLID Chairman and Secretary for discussion and publication.

     e. Draft documents will need formal approval at the next Regular Meeting.

Article 18: Insurance

Liability Insurance and Directors and Officers Liability Insurance will be obtained through the Minnesota County Insurance Trust in the amount approved by the Board of Directors and the Isanti County Coordinator.