February 2024

Long Lake Improvement District (LLID) Isanti County

Board Meeting Minutes

Date: 02-21-2024

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Location: Bradford Township Hall

Board Member P/A/CC

Larry Anderson, Chair P Leslie DeLisi P Shawn Lidberg, Vice-Chair P Fred Pawelk A

Deb Kreger, Treasurer P Don Hansen P Rick Chubb, Secretary A

Legend: P-Present, A-Absent, CC-Participate by Conference Call.

Call to Order: A quorum was determined and a call to order was made by Chair Larry Anderson at

Approval of Minutes: The Board reviewed the January 17, 2024 minutes as distributed. Motion by Deb

Kreger to approve the January 17, 2024 minutes, second by Don Hansen. Motion carried.

Treasurer Report: Deb Kreger reviewed the Revised December Financial Statement which now includes

the income received from property taxes. The beginning total Balance on December 1, 2023, was

$143,381.63. Income received: $30,296.53. Expenses: Westerberg Commercial Fishing (Remaining amount

due for bullhead netting) $2,640.00; Citizens State Bank of Roseau (Bond Principal Payment) $17,000.00;

and Citizens State Bank of Roseau (Bond Interest Payment) $1,901.25. Totalexpenses:$21,541.25. The

ending balance on December 31, 2023, was $152,136.91. Motion by Shawn Lidberg to approve the Revised

December Financial Statement, second by Leslie DeLisi. Motion carried. Deb Kreger reviewed the January

Financial Statement. The beginning total Balance on January 1, 2024 was $152,136.91. Income received:

None. Expenses: LRS (outhouse) $44.99 and MCIT (insurance) $1,560.00. Total Expenses: $1,604.99. The

ending Balance on January 31, 2024, was $150,531.92.